BlockCrushr Labs solves Decred’s newest puzzle, “Autonomy”

BlockCrushr Labs is proud to announce our solution to the Decred Project‘s latest puzzle, “Autonomy“. Ending 4 days of internet madness, our team solved the cipher last Saturday night, gaining access to the prize fund wallet of just over 350DCR. (About USD$6000 at time of writing)

With the largest puzzle prize to date, gorgeously rendered artwork, and insidiously difficult riddles, Autonomy was hotly anticipated and became an object of obsession in the crypto and Decred community for nearly a week — with players working on it 24/7 until it was solved.

We want to thank the whole Decred puzzle team (Zden/Satori, @coin_artist, Diego Rodriguez, Dyrk) for an extremely fun, challenging and engaging experience!

We’d also like to say that the solving of the puzzle was truly a collaborative effort with contributions from many people, and even though we found the solution to the final stage, we want to give a shout out to everyone on the Decred Slack who helped move the solution forward, including @OhGodAGirl, @bitq and @tdp94.

We’ve also written a walkthrough for the puzzle on Medium.